InfoBrevity for Oracle Utilities CC&B

InfoBrevity for Oracle Utilities CC&B manages data from requirements to retirement to promote better governance. InfoBrevity reduces risk, reduces cost, speeds solution delivery, boosts performance, and addresses compliance requirements for your Oracle Utilities CC&B environments.

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The InfoBrevity Solution Suite

The world's leading Energy and Utilities organisations use InfoBrevity tools to manage the application data lifecycle within Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing. InfoBrevity provides the only solution to true application sustainability and supportability through its unique range of tools ...

  • Manage the volume, velocity and complexity of data growth at the source, by applying best-practice archiving capabilities for structured data
  • Streamline test data management to reduce costs, reduce risk and speed solution delivery. Deliver reduced-volume anonymised data to internal and external customers at the click of a button.
  • De-identify confidential information on demand across the enterprise to protect privacy and support compliance initiatives
  • Minimise capital and operational expenditure by archiving your data securely to the cloud where it can be browsed and queried seamlessly
  • Inspect and query your customer data within InfoBrevity compressed data archives, supporting regulatory or organisational reporting requirements.

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InfoBrevity for Oracle Utilities CC&B Features

Data lifecycle management manages business information throughout its lifecycle, from requirements to retirement. Data lifecycle management spans different application systems, databases and storage media as part of an overall Information Integration and Governance Strategy. By managing data properly over its lifetime, organisations are better equipped support business goals with less risk and reduced cost.

Manage Data Growth and Improve Application Efficiency

InfoBrevity Archive

Organizations are increasingly challenged to successfully manage data growth. Large volumes of data are stored in various data repositories across the enterprise.

Rampant data growth can impair the performance of mission-critical enterprise systems, including custom and packaged applications, data warehouses and big data environments, jeopardizing the ability to service clients.

InfoBrevity Archive for Oracle Utilities CC&B is the proven, market leading solution that solves the data growth problem at the source, reducing costs, improving performance and efficiency, and minimizing the risks associated with managing structured data throughout its lifetime.

Prepare for Application Retirement or Consolidation

InfoBrevity Archive

Organizations rely on a myriad of custom and packaged applications to collect and manage the critical business information that drives daily operations. As the business evolves, organizations often need to upgrade to next generation applications, consolidate and retire applications, and simplify the supporting IT infrastructure to reduce costs.

Over time, applications can outlast their value to the business, eventually costing more to maintain than they are worth. But companies are reluctant to retire obsolete, legacy, or redundant applications for fear they may someday need the underlying data. As a recommended best practice, organizations must evaluate application portfolios regularly to determine whether their investments are delivering maximum business value.

InfoSphere Optim data lifecycle management solutions makes application retirement and consolidation projects easier and safer by providing the capability to archive data from decommissioned applications while providing ongoing access to the data for query and reporting. You reduce risk and cut cost, without jeopardizing data retention compliance.

Simplify Test Data Management

InfoBrevity TDM

Business moves fast—which means that software development teams need to move even faster. The emergence of new software development models, such as the agile development process and cloud testing environments is driving a new era of computing.

To make the most of the new era of computing, organizations need effective and efficient testing strategies—complete with processes for governing test data. However, many development, testing and quality assurance (QA) teams struggle to create and maintain the required test data. IT departments often lack confidence about test data preparation and data usage. That’s where test data management comes in.

Data Migrators' InfoBrevity for Oracle Utilities CC&B offers comprehensive test data management capabilities for creating “right-sized”, fictionalized test databases that accurately reflect end-to-end business processes. Organizations eliminate costly cloning processes and correct defects early in the development process. InfoBrevity scales to across applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Secure your test environments, improve quality, accelerate release cycles and reduce costs with InfoBrevity for Oracle Utilities CC&B.

InfoBrevity also helps organizations embrace a new era of computing by supporting testing in the cloud.

Deliver CC&B data to cloud and virtual environments

InfoBrevity Cloud

New technologies and ways of working are challenging traditional computing models. Virtualization and cloud computing provide new consumption and delivery models that leading organizations are using to achieve their aims.

InfoBrevity for Oracle Utilities CC&B manages data from requirements to retirement to promote better governance not only in physical environments, but also in cloud and virtual environments. InfoBrevity for Oracle Utilities CC&B provides CC&B data archiving, data masking and test data management to further enhance the value of cloud and virtualization solutions.

Protect Data Privacy

InfoBrevity Archive

De-identify confidential information on demand across the enterprise to protect privacy and support compliance initiatives. Mask data in applications, databases, reports and more. infoBrevity for Oracle utilities CC&B offers a number of key advantages:

  • Mask data dynamically in applications or in reports to protect data on the fly.
  • Apply a range of masking techniques to transform personally-identifying information and other confidential corporate data.
  • Leverage prepackaged data masking routines to transform complex data elements such as credit card numbers, email addresses and national identifiers, while retaining their contextual meaning.
  • Consolidate and mask data from multiple interrelated applications to create a “production-like” test environment that accurately reflects end-to-end business processes.
  • Support compliance with privacy regulations such as PCI DSS and others.
  • Masking data locally or in the cloud to embrace a new era of computing.

Segregate Data For Divestment or Regulatory Purposes

InfoBrevity Archive

Organisations running multiple businesses entities from with a single instance of Oracle utilities CC&B may discover the need to 'split' their databases for compliance reasons, or for the purposes of divesting businesses as often occurs, for example, as a result of market deregulation.

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